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This page has been used to show what stock and parts I have ordered, got and played with. More links to purchase information, and projects used in will be listed over time

In Stock

Image Quantity Item Code Datasheet More
ATMega328pKit 2 ATMEGA328P (Kit) With Arduino UNO Bootloader Datasheet More
nRF24L01 10 2.4Ghz Tranceiver nRF24L01+ K19 Not Found Yet More
IR 6 IR Reciever VS1838B IR – VS1838B/AX-1838HS More
DHT11 2 Temp/Humidity DHT11 Datasheet More
HC-SR04 2 Ultrasonic Distance HC-SR04 Datasheet More
Max7219 1 LED Matrix 8×8 Max7219 Not found yet More
433superheter 1 433Mhz Transmitter/Reciever (Superheterodyne) Different one Not found yet More
433Cheap 7 433Mhz Transmitter/Reciever Cheap ones Not found yet More
PhotoResistor 20 Photo resistor GL5528 PD0001 More
RGB_LED 50 RGB LEDs 5mm Round Head RGB LED Datasheet More
SDCardTop 3 SD Card Reader Micro SD Storage Board TF Not found yet More
ProMini 2 Arduino Pro Mini ATMEga329P Dev Board DataSheet More
7805CV 5 Voltage Regulator L7805CV L7800 Series More
Arduino Nano 2 Arduino Nano (Compat) Mini USB/ATMega328p DataSheet More
bthc06top 4 Bluetooth Slave HC-06 DataSheet Buy Link

On Order

Quantity Item Code Datasheet More
1 GPS Thing NEO6MV2 DataSheet More

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